Article: Smart Pharmacy Advance Software Solution for the Automation of Pharmaceutical Services Using Latest Innovative Technologies

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Advanced software solutions for the automation of pharmaceutical services according to the latest innovative technologies

The smart pharmacy is considered one of the highest standards of technology and automation that is in line with the technological development witnessed by the health sector in general thanks to modern technologies and robots in order to provide excellent and high-quality healthcare. The experience in smart pharmacy has yielded positive outcomes in terms of speed and accuracy in dispensing medication to patients. Among the most important advantages is the reduced waiting times and no medication errors, thus improving patient safety and enhancing their experience.

The concept of smart pharmacy has occupied an important place in the world in the past few years after it had proven highly effective in achieving patient satisfaction through the process of dispensing and distributing medicines through an integrated health system. Today, it has become one of the best solutions for drug management. The smart pharmacy helps improve the pharmacists’ access to the right medicine in no time, in a way that ensures that patients receive medicines in a timely manner, while providing greater drug safety and reducing medication errors.

The smart pharmacy reflects aspects of modern medicine in terms of dealing with patients based on personalized medicine to reach the best possible outcomes through the combination of innovation and high-quality specialized care, as every patient or medical prescription is dealt with separately by providing smart and innovative drug management services.

The dispensing of medicines in the smart pharmacy is done by the robot that picks up the medicine and prints the label that carries the patient’s information and prescription, and then delivers it to the pharmacy window in a matter of seconds where the robot takes over the technical tasks of dispensing the medicines in the pharmacy. It has been shown that the pharmacist spends most of the time manually classifying and regulating medicines according to the needs of patients as well as a lot of traditional pharmaceutical business and practices, but the smart pharmacy and the robot provided the opportunity to carry out all these activities with the least possible time and less human intervention possible with the same accuracy. At the touch of a button, medicines are dispensed without any possibility of any errors; Smart pharmacy is one of the magic solutions to protect patients from drug dispensing errors. The Robot is able to store tens of thousands of medicines using specified barcode per box. The robot dispensing process is paperless as the robot will prepare and dispense the e-prescription as soon as the doctor documents it electronically.

Software solutions in the smart pharmacy

The success of the smart pharmacy requires a high level programming system in order to achieve the desired goals of operating the pharmacy according to advanced technologies with minimum medical errors. Hence, the achievement of companies specialized in preparing integrated software solutions to create a fully automated smart pharmacy is evident.

These systems are able to provide innovative solutions to automate work in the pharmacy by providing advanced software solutions for all the obstacles witnessed by the pharmacist in his work, so that the pharmaceutical sector witnesses a digital turning point for business management, taking into account the continuous development and the possibility of electronic connectivity to improve workflow and raise productivity within flexible business steps and procedures.

The companies specialized in preparing and operating integrated and central software systems for the operation of smart pharmacies have succeeded, thus proving high efficiency in the workflow within the pharmacy.

The experience of working with the software solutions dedicated to smart pharmacies contributed to reducing the time required to explain the prescription, avoiding errors and distributing medicines, thus saving time and effort for both the patient and the pharmacist.

It can be said that the software solutions dedicated to automating pharmacies have proven successful and highly effective in enhancing pharmaceutical services through state-of-the-art techniques aimed at accurately determining the quality, quantity and method of storing the drug, which decreases the error rate in dispensing medicines, and significantly reduces the time required for the medicine to leave from the storage shelves to the dispensing window. In turn, inventory management has become easier and more accurate due to the documented follow-up provided by this system.

Despite the great importance and numerous advantages of this advanced software solution, the pharmacist can never be replaced as he plays a major role in terms of following up on the workflow and his personal communication with the patient while confirming the prescription’s authenticity, explaining to the patient how to take the medication, among other important matters. This system reduces the burden of the daily routine work performed by the pharmacist, helping achieve greater productivity and more accurate work.

Smart Pharmacy Advantages

Hospitals and pharmacies benefit from the use of robots in what has become known as a “smart pharmacy” through many advantages such as increased effectiveness, reduced prescription errors, adherence to prescribed doses, dispensing numerous prescriptions in a short time, as well as reducing patient waiting times.

Unlike a regular human pharmacist, a robot can fill and organize a large number of medicines without the need for any human intervention and without any errors.

The medications are securely stored in dispensing machines. With tight access controls, these machines can be operated only by pharmacist who have the required access control. With such tight security, the chances of medicine theft or error reduce dramatically.

In short, one of the most important features of smart pharmacy is reducing time and getting the medicine in a very short time unlike what was happening in the past due to the enormous pressure. This time-reducing allows the robot to dispense thousands of prescriptions per day, reducing waiting time and increasing patient satisfaction.

by Hospitals Magazine

November 17, 2020
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