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EMA MMS Partners Assembly 2021

It was a pleasure participating in “EMA MMS Partners Assembly 2021” by BD.
Celebrating the success stories and how together BD Rowa™ and PharmaFlow™ shape the market in Middle East as an end to end solution for smart pharmacy automation.

Arab Health 2020

PharmaFlow™ and BD Rowa™ Technologies provide end-to-end innovative pharmacy solutions to enhance the workflow efficiency and improve the patient safety.
We aim to continue be leaders in smart pharmacy solutions offering excellent services to patients, clients and partners.

Arab Health 2019

We at FutureGate Software proud to be partner with BD MMS team in Arab Health 2019 to present how together, BD Rowa™ Technologies and PharmaFlow™ solutions help outpatient pharmacies manage their workloads by providing the tools necessary to handle the complexities of modern prescription processing, pharmacy automation, workflow improvements, and inventory and queue management.

Dubai Pharmaflow End-User Training 8-12 Dec 2019

DHI Commercial Excellence Summit 2017 – Germany

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FGHC introduces latest tech in Pharmacy Automation Industry

PharmaFlow™ End to End Smart Pharmacy Solution

نظام فارمافلو الحل الشامل والمبتكر لإدارة وأتمتة الصيدليات الذكية

PharmaFlow™ Self Service Medication Dispensing Kiosk Solution

نظام فارما فلو لإدارة وأتمتة الصيدليات- جهاز الخدمة الذاتية الآلية لصرف الأدوية والوصفات للمرضى