Announcing the service of e-prescriptions preparation/dispensing via PharmaFlow™ self-service kiosks and BD Rowa™ robotic machines

FutureGate Healthcare Solutions is proud to announce the success of the system go-live of PharmaFlow™ self-service medication dispensing machines in “Ibrahim Bin Hamad Obaidullah Hospital” in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, which is one of the Emirates Health Services (EHS) network of hospitals

The success of this project was built upon our vision to outstandingly take the hospital’s pharmacy workflow to a futuristic level, many meetings and workshops were held with EHS teams to discuss the workflows and the implementation of the solution, many challenges were faced during this journey which only made us stronger and increased our system’s quality and feasibility.

The officials showed great enthusiasm to roll out the solution for other EHS facilities upon launching the new service.

The system keeps good communication with the patients; as soon as they leave the clinic, they will receive an SMS containing a link to set both the desired pickup date of their prescription and the preferred method (whether from the pharmacy, via  Self-Service Kiosks, or by home delivery) with notifications like (Reminder of Rx refill, Prescription is ready to pick-up from the self-service Kiosk, etc.)

This service is the first of its kind in the world, where these ATM-like kiosks have been installed & fully integrated via PharmaFlow™ with all the following systems: the robotic machine (BD Rowa Vmax™), Cerner HIS system (Wareed), ERP system (MS Dynamics AX), and the national patient portal (Shefaa).

This revolutionary self-service solution of e-prescription preparation & dispensing is now available for the patients as a part of the smart pharmacy automation system that improves the whole patient experience in many aspects such as reducing waiting time, facilitating medication collecting, and offering multiple options for delivery, where the patients only need to use their Emirates ID and prescription barcode at any of the self-service kiosks that operate 24/7 to get their medications without the physical presence of a pharmacist, nevertheless the patient can – whenever needed- have a video call at the kiosks with a pharmacist for any inquiries, reviewing instructions and etc.

The kiosks can be placed either inside or outside the hospitals, and soon the (Drive-Thru) service will be launched in other hospitals where patients can pick up their medications from the kiosks without leaving their cars in a globally unprecedented step.

We foresee the future, so we offer futuristic solutions and nothing less, stay tuned for more to come!

April 29, 2022
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